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Our mission as Newburgh’s number one tree service company is to give you the most for your money. We have the experience, staff, and equipment to make sure that every tree service project is performed at the highest level of expertise without costing you a fortune! Our Newburgh pricing experts will assure you the most competitive rates for your commercial and residential property needs by providing you with an estimate that corresponds to your unique project. Unlike some companies, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all rates, which have made us the area’s foremost tree service company for residents who are looking for fair quotes for their property needs. We offer a wide range of tree services at affordable prices for all of our commercial and residential residents such as:

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Our tree service quotes relate exactly to the job you have in mind, whether it is for a larger commercial or a smaller residential property. Our Newburgh pricing experts will create an estimate based on your budget and your needs, and we never add on hidden fees. Prior to every tree service project we give you a 100% free and transparent quote, with no obligation. We are sure that you will be convinced like so many others that our services and prices cannot be beat in the greater Newburgh, NY area.

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Why wait to get your 100% free, no-obligation estimate for your commercial or residential project? Regardless of whether you have a commercial tree removal project or want just a few trees planted on your residential property, there is absolutely no risk in contacting us for a free quote. Our Newburgh rates are completely transparent and are based on your unique requirements.

Contact us today to receive your complimentary, obligation-free tree service estimate. We can be reached at (845) 391-0330 or send an email to: newburgh@premieretreeservices.com, or simply reach us by filling out the contact form on the right side of this page.

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